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Julius Bliūdžius

Laisvai samdomas sporto žurnalistas, krepšinio analitikas

Steve Jennings

Yorkshire-based freelance football writer originally from Hertfordshire. A regular contributor to Unibet and SpursStatMan, Steve has previously written for ESPN FC amongst others.

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Joe Short

bet.unibet's stats man, Joe is a sports reporter at the Daily Express and works for FC Copenhagen

Mark Jones

Mark is a sports writer and a former editor at bet.unibet.co.uk. He once played against Nigel Quashie and knows how to pronounce that really long place name in Wales

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Torin Chen

A former news and sports journalist, Torin is the Content Editor at Unibet Australia’s blog.unibet.com.au.

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Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson is the editor of The Blizzard and the author of seven books, including Inverting the Pyramid. He writes for the Guardian, World Soccer, Sports Illustrated and the National.

Aaron Cox

Hailing from Greater Manchester, Aaron is the editor of bet.unibet. A Rochdale fan by trade but brought up a Geordie, he's learned to endure the hard times and embrace the good times.

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Will Tidey

Will Tidey has written on football for CNN, ESPN, Eurosport-Yahoo! and many others and has been in love with game since watching Ron Atkinson's Manchester United win the FA Cup final in 1985. The author of 'Life with Sir...

Mark Woods

NBA expert and editor of Britball.

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Michael Da Silva

Editor of highly-acclaimed football mag Rabona, Michael lives in Berlin and writes for Eurosport and Deutsche Welle

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Alex McMahon

Alex McMahon is an editor for Houndsports. He's a regular sports writer, even more regular benchwarmer.

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Adrian Clarke

Former Arsenal winger turned journalist.

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Šarūnas Kulys

Sporto blog'eris ir SportIN.lt žurnalistas, daugiausia besidomintis autosportu, krepšiniu, futbolu ir tenisu

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Robertas Trakys

sporto žurnalistas, daugiausia besidomintis tenisu, lengvąja atletika ir žiemos sportu

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